Ben Crowe

VS POSTER Titles Seagulls

Stunningly but unsentimentally evoked…a thoughtful script and sensitive direction…an urgent story, told simply and lyrically

Sophie Mayer, film critic the F-Word

A sensitive debut from intelligent new British director Ben Crowe

Derek Malcolm, Evening Standard

A strong story shot with real visual flair

David Gritten, the Daily Telegraph

A compelling debut which executes a delicate yet powerful sense of cultural awareness

Leah Cross, littlewhitelies

Beautifully shot and impressively scored

What Culture

Intriguing...lyrical...leaving a lingering impression

Freda Cooper, Britflicks

A deeply poignant, strange and affecting cinematic experience

Chris Binding, Courier Online

The perfect showcase for some upcoming talent as well as being a little cinematic British gem

Hollywood News, Luke Ryan Baldock

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the man who met himself

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An exploration into the history and legacy of revolution

of Che Guevara’s secret mission to Congo we will follow Che’s footsteps to the land of the spirits, where every dream has its shadow.

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